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  1. Madonna in distress: the new planetary portrait
  2. Madonna in distress: the new planetary portrait - Resilience

A few spur the production of defensive compounds at un-wounded sites as sort of a pre-emptive fortification.

Madonna in distress: the new planetary portrait

And still others react with other chemicals to act as something like distress signals. Scientists found in one study that the saliva of certain caterpillars reacts with the GLVs released by coyote tobacco plants to make them attractive to the "big-eyed bugs" that regularly eat the caterpillars. Thankfully, the mix of lawnmower blades and GLVs won't get you eaten. Instead, humans get a treat.

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There may be a high cost to that wonderful smell, though. These compounds are precursors to ozone formation, according to Australian researchers, and can contribute to the formation of photochemical smog in urban areas. As researchers continue to investigate the origins of depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders, a new study in JAMA Psychiatry has found that one in seven children in Denmark will develop some form of mental illness before they turn The paper, by researchers at Aarhus University and other institutions, looked at a database of health information collected from 1.

Madonna in distress: the new planetary portrait - Resilience

Boys had a Depression and schizophrenia were also present. Researchers also examined when children were diagnosed. Boys tended to be labeled with ADHD as young as 8 years old, while girls received the same diagnosis more frequently at Boys were also diagnosed with other illnesses earlier overall.

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The study was limited to Denmark, and socioeconomic factors that may influence ailments and diagnoses can vary by country. Still, researchers said these statistics may help mental health professionals prepare earlier intervention and provide young people the help they need. If there's any life in this solar system outside Earth, we likely won't find it on Mars or even on another planet.

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  6. Saturn's moon Titan is the place in our celestial neighborhood that's most similar to our own home, and it's where scientists think we have one of the best chances of discovering life. Together they paint the most up-to-date image yet of our planetary home — along with the extreme demands that we, her most demanding offspring, are making of her. Growing pains. Research by Will Steffen and colleagues has documented the unprecedented exponential increase in human consumption that kicked off around — from international flights, cars and energy to paper, water and fertilizer — along with a rapid increase in ecological degradation, from tropical forest loss to ocean acidification.

    There is already critique of the new planetary boundary analysis , put forward by some of its long-standing critics associated with the Breakthrough Institute but this should hardly be a surprise: what else was going to happen when the Breakthrough Gang bumped into the Boundary Gang?

    Alessia Cara- Growing Pains (Lyric Video)

    This century we should be seeking to create a world in which we can collectively provide the food, water, energy, shelter, and other essential needs to meet the human rights of up to 10 billion people, and do so without disrupting the planetary life-support systems — a stable climate, fertile soils, thriving biodiversity, ample freshwater, a protective ozone layer — on which our well-being also depends.

    That world lies in neither a pristine Holocene nor a boundary-busting Anthropocene. Rather, it is to be found in the uneasy lovechild of the two. The Doughnut: lovechild of the Holocene and the Anthropocene, Raworth