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  1. Here’s what every couple should know about managing their money
  2. The Average Length of Marriage in the U.S. May Be Shorter Than You Think
  3. How to financially divorce-proof your marriage
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To that end, they opened a joint account where they deposited their wedding gift money and started funnelling their salaries into it every month. They agreed to use one credit card for all spending, and connected their accounts on personal financial management site Mint. They made a plan to pay off their combined student loan debt, and later opened a joint investment account for retirement and other savings. Admittedly, Axelrod and Perlman are ahead of the game.

Axelrod was so surprised by the lack of couple-centric financial resources available that she used her financial background to create a company called SageCouple. The site launched last year and offers money workshops for partners. View image of Honeymoon hangover? Financial problems can crop up from day one. Credit: iStock.

In the US, finances are the leading cause of relationship stress, according to a survey by SunTrust Bank. You have to be brutally honest with one another about your income, expenses, assets and liabilities. What it will take : Be prepared to be open and honest about your financial situation — and to accept your partner and all their financial foibles. Do it now : Get on the same page.

One of the biggest mistakes newlyweds make is working toward separate financial goals. View image of Money issues come up pretty fast even during the wedding Credit: iStock. It allows you to start dreaming, and it helps you to create goals that you want to achieve. Make a budget.

Here’s what every couple should know about managing their money

Update your nearest and dearest. View image of Credit: iStock. Address the insurance question. One recurring theme was the jars. Gail advocated for couples to live on cash. Every single episode, you got cash jars. You would put in a certain dollar amount. When you spend, you write it down in the budget binder cause cash slips through our fingers easier than that snail did with Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

Without writing it down or keeping receipts, there is no other way to track cash. So, jars it is. Gai loves cash and hates banks. She thinks they are bleeding people dry slowly with their interest and fees. The only way this will change is to teach financial literacy in school.

The Average Length of Marriage in the U.S. May Be Shorter Than You Think

New Banking Rules: Clear a check payment in a day. This is the secret recipe to building wealth: You need to make more money and you need to spend less money.

Here are 3 lessons that Gail taught me: 1 both partners need to manage the money, 2 no retail therapy, and 3 debt repayment takes time. The problem is that when one person is excluded, or totally abdicates responsibility, it means the other can mess things up with no monitoring or grow resentful at always having to do the detail….

Always know what is happening with your money. Just make sure you lick the stamp. Be involved. Ask questions.

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Remember that scene in the beginning, after the opening credits. I want you to be skeptical like Phoebe. Always know who you owe and how much. Nothing is for free.

Couple’s Financial Planning - SoFi

I find that very hard to believe. Genie :What? Same conversation you should have with your partner, but about which creditor. And winning the lotto, yeah right? Read my posts Forget casinos, bet on yourself and Mega Millions win or bust. I had a huge shopping problem for years. It was done as a way to dull the pain of the things going on around me — low-income, working full-time, going to college — I was a mess!

I had some pretty terrible managers when I was younger too. All the stress was getting to me. I had to find a way to cope, but shopping was not it. As I got more mature, I found ways to de-stress that were cheaper or free. I have said it before that credit is seductive and addictive.

It should not be used to replace your emergency fund liquid cash. However, if you do, be strategic and use credit wisely and sparingly. How Benjamin Franklin used 13 virtues to get rich. You are on your way. Expect challenges.

How to financially divorce-proof your marriage

Keep your goal where you can see it. You better believe it. If it took you 8 years to accumulate the debt, thinking you can pay it off in 3 months is delusional. See my post Getting out of debt one step at a time. The good news is that once you recognize you have a problem with debt, then you can work on solutions. I have noticed that generally years of cutting back and attacking debt is usually enough time to pay off most if not all of your consumer debt except the mortgage and student loans.

After years, the only debt left is usually the mortgage. That is a small price to pay for freedom. But keeping love alive without money can be pretty tough. In fact, ninety percent of marriage breakups are due to money problems. And to get advice on how to manage money usually costs money!

‘Til Death Do Us Part: Wills & Trusts for the Happy Couple – Leisinger Law

Til Debt Do Us Part, is a series that offers tough-love solutions to those willing to face their financial troubles head on. In each episode we meet a couple in crisis. Some are on the verge of bankruptcy, hounded by creditors or facing eviction. Others are just getting by, but in the midst of a personal meltdown or relationship breakdown because of money issues. Where will it end if they continue on this rocky road? To get things back on track, Gail takes control of their finances …. This show was very eye-opening in how people managed their finances.